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About Me:

Don't follow your heart, follow me.

Names Robin/Some people on tumblr know me as Little Bird/My boyfriend calls me Beans
Writer at heart/English major/Creative writing is the bomb [i.e fiction, poetry, playwriting]/& of course Journaling
I began writing a book about three years ago. It's gotten a lot of positive feedback, although I haven't continued to write it since.
Chuck Palahniuk is my muse
Highly enjoy psychedelics [Acid/25c/shrooms/DMT]
Any substance that will help me unlock the keys to the universe is my friend
Weed of course. Huge stoner.
My boyfriend and I would soon like to begin meditating/Astral-projecting
Stone energy/healing stones
Positive vibrations is something I'm working on
I have a lot of demons [eating disorder/depression/anxiety/former drug use]
I'm trying to be a better person

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number all of them


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our 4/20 was better than yours. 

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everyone has seen dicks they didn’t want to see

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Shakespeare’s 450th birthday party:  Ask us Anything!

Adam Hooks, assistant professor of English at here at the University of Iowa, and Colleen Theisen, Special Collections Outreach and Instruction Librarian will be online live from 1pm-3pm [Central time] on Monday April 21st, during the week of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday.

Now is your chance to ask Professor Hooks your burning questions about Shakespeare or being a Shakespeare scholar!  Also on hand will be historic, unusual, beautiful, and forged editions of Shakespeare’s works from Special Collections!

Type your questions now or live on Monday!  


Apr 23 2014 5:41 pm

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